Extraordinary Coach Culture: Being A Class Act

How does your clientele feel walking into your office? In episode eleven of the Extraordinary Coach Culture series, Shannon Waller discusses why graciousness and putting people at ease is a fundamental value at Strategic Coach. Learn why we put class first when it comes to client experience.

Extraordinary Coach Culture: Respect

Extraordinary Coach Culture: Respect

In the wise words of Dan Sullivan, “People do things for their reasons, not yours.” In the eighth episode of Extraordinary Coach Culture, the miniseries, Shannon Waller talks respect and appreciation. Learn why maximizing your culture of respect is key for creativity and setting up the framework for gracious relationships.

Extraordinary Coach Culture: Free Days™

The purpose of life is life — not work. In the sixth episode of Extraordinary Coach Culture, the mini-series, Shannon Waller defines Free Days and why we love it when team members take them. Learn the value of establishing a company culture where rejuvenation is an expectation.