Expanding Unique Ability Impact - Team Success Podcast Episode 213

Expanding Unique Ability Impact

What is the growth path in an entrepreneurial company? In the absence of a traditional corporate hierarchy, how do you expand your contribution and get rewarded for it? Your team members want to know! In this episode, Shannon reveals the simple steps you can take to help team members recognize their strengths, grow their capabilities,[…]

The Challenges And Opportunities Of Family Businesses, with Author Sara B. Stern– Team Success Podcast

The Challenges And Opportunities Of Family Businesses, with Author Sara B. Stern

All of us have had experience with family businesses. They represent over two-thirds of privately held companies in the U.S., yet few people understand the unique challenges (and opportunities) that owning one presents. It requires a much more emotional approach to business than owning a traditional corporation—but that doesn’t mean emotion runs the show. In[…]

Mastering Delegation, with Emily Morgan, Author of “Let It Go”

What are you called to do? What contribution do you want to make to this world? Whatever your answer, delegation is the key to accelerating and multiplying your efforts—the ultimate freedom, growth, and retention strategy. In this episode, Shannon talks with Emily Morgan about her deep, fun, and practical new book on the subject of[…]

Mindset matters More Team Success Podcast

Mindset Matters More

In order to shift your behavior, shift your mindset first. If you’re not seeing the results you want, stop for a moment to think about your thinking. This is the way to make a higher level of personal and professional growth your new normal. It isn’t easy, and it takes courage, but it can spark[…]

Find Your WHY, with Jerry Lujan - Team Success Podcast

Find Your WHY, with Jerry Lujan

In this episode, Shannon talks with Jerry Lujan in depth about The WHY Institute’s new “WHY.os” profile, which helps you understand what motivates you at your core so you can better filter opportunities and consistently show up as your best self. Learn more about The WHY Institute.