Team Success Podcast - ADHD As A Gift, with Faster Than Normal Author, Peter Shankman

ADHD As A Gift, with Faster Than Normal Author, Peter Shankman

For years, people have jokingly used the term “ADHD” to explain their distractions and mistakes. But now there’s a growing awareness of neurodiversity as a different way of processing experiences, which, in addition to some challenges, also comes with certain abilities and advantages. In this episode, Shannon interviews Peter Shankman, keynote speaker and author of[…]

Are You Guilty of Drive-By Delegations? Team Success Podcast

Are You Guilty of Drive-By Delegations?

Entrepreneurial companies thrive when their team members are engaged and bring their whole selves to work. It’s more fun, and it produces great results. But if the entrepreneur forgets to genuinely connect when handing off tasks and doesn’t seem to care enough to check in along the way, they risk having their team members drift[…]

Team Success Podcast-Scheduling Is A Creative Act

Scheduling Is A Creative Act

Life as a busy entrepreneur often involves meetings, appointments, and deadlines. But are you the best person to organize these in your calendar? A Strategic Assistant® with a talent for scheduling can help you stay on track toward your goals and be more productive and present in your day. In this episode, Shannon explains how[…]

The Downside Of A Great Company Culture

The Downside Of A Great Company Culture

Surely having a great company culture is entirely a good thing, right? Well, there’s a challenge: Sometimes team members who aren’t a right-fit anymore don’t want to leave—because they like it there too much! In this episode, Shannon offers her perspective on this unique situation, plus actionable tips for when and how to have tough[…]

Team Success Podcast How Coachable Are You

How Coachable Are You?

When someone gives you feedback, it’s a chance to transform what isn’t working into something better. But feedback isn’t always easy to hear, so Shannon shares some tips and resources to help you master these important opportunities for self-discovery and growth. Download Episode Transcript