Mastering Delegation, with Emily Morgan, Author of “Let It Go”

What are you called to do? What contribution do you want to make to this world? Whatever your answer, delegation is the key to accelerating and multiplying your efforts—the ultimate freedom, growth, and retention strategy. In this episode, Shannon talks with Emily Morgan about her deep, fun, and practical new book on the subject of[…]

Mindset matters More Team Success Podcast

Mindset Matters More

In order to shift your behavior, shift your mindset first. If you’re not seeing the results you want, stop for a moment to think about your thinking. This is the way to make a higher level of personal and professional growth your new normal. It isn’t easy, and it takes courage, but it can spark[…]

Find Your WHY, with Jerry Lujan - Team Success Podcast

Find Your WHY, with Jerry Lujan

In this episode, Shannon talks with Jerry Lujan in depth about The WHY Institute’s new “WHY.os” profile, which helps you understand what motivates you at your core so you can better filter opportunities and consistently show up as your best self. Learn more about The WHY Institute.

Team Success Podcast Taking Emotional Ownership ep205

Taking Emotional Ownership

You hire someone who’s smart, interesting, presents beautifully … then doesn’t produce the results you expected. What’s going on? In this episode, Shannon shows how entrepreneurs and their team members can go beyond a mere intellectual understanding of a role to engage the team member’s emotions and mindset, so they can connect personally with the[…]

Team Success Podcast Don't Burn Bridges

Don’t Burn Bridges

When someone leaves your company, that’s it, right? Once they’re out the door, the relationship’s over. Or is it? In this episode, Shannon talks about the advantage of keeping an abundance mindset and remembering that, as Dan Sullivan says, “People do things for their reasons, not for your reasons.” She explains how handling endings graciously[…]

The Visionary’s Visionary: Dan Rogers

The Visionary’s Visionary: Dan Rogers

Serial entrepreneur Dan Rogers knows his place: the future. Whether he’s a week, a month, or a year ahead in creating the vision of an organization, he knows he needs collaborative partners to send insights back to—people with the talents and perspectives to make his ideas real in the present. In this episode, Shannon and[…]