The Delegation Formula

In the game of entrepreneurship, you either create rules that allow you to win or ones that cause you to lose. The same goes for delegation—and knowing how and when it can be used to your advantage. In this episode of The Team Success Podcast, Shannon Waller shares secrets on how to succeed every time[…]

The Delegation Death Grip

What are you tired of doing but afraid of letting go of? In this podcast, Shannon Waller discusses the dangers of The Delegation Death Grip. We’re all guilty of holding onto things we shouldn’t, but delegating is the only way to free ourselves to move on to bigger and better things.

Effective Delegation

Are you a Rugged Individualist? Growth doesn’t happen with an “I can do it better myself” attitude. In this episode, Shannon offers practical steps and strategies to strengthen your delegation skills and capabilities.

Specific Trust

Would you like to facilitate faster, more successful delegations and handoffs to your team members? In this episode, Shannon discusses the concept of specific trust—trusting a specific person with a specific task that you know falls into their area of Unique Ability® so you’ll be freed up to do more of what you’re best at.