January 16, 2014

Team Success Tool Kit

Download four key tools to build, grow, and strengthen your teamwork:

The Entrepreneurial Attitude

Entrepreneurial AttitudeIn this team exercise, learn the 12 key strategies for success in an entrepreneurial company and develop your results-oriented attitude and mindset.

The Communication Builder

Communication BuilderLearn the nuances of how to best communicate with others in this exercise that highlights how you prefer to give and receive information, the best time to communicate with you, and what you need when you’re stressed.

The Positive Focus®

The Positive FocusFocus on your achievements in order to maintain your confidence and stay in the positive zone.

The 12 Strategies

HowToHaveEntrepreneurialAttitudeIt takes a certain mindset to be able to succeed in an entrepreneurial organization. Get the 12 strategies for having an Entrepreneurial Attitude and succeeding in an entrepreneurial business.