A strong team is your best strategy for success.

Many people who have worked for large organizations expect the same type of management and structure working in an entrepreneurial environment, and it's simply not there.

This site provides entrepreneurs and their teams with the resources to work within an entrepreneurial environment—one that's focused on achieving results and aligns with the vision and purpose of the entrepreneur.

Do You Have A Right-Fit Team?

You choose the mindsets that determine the structure and outcome of your life. This is why it’s so important to surround yourself with team members who think like you do and align with your core values.

Use The Right-Fit Team Member Scorecard, from Multiplication By Subtraction, to discover how engaged your team is.


It’s time to say goodbye (to wrong-fit team members).

An essential book for any entrepreneurial library.

An entrepreneur’s guide on how to gracefully let go of wrong-fit team members. This handbook shows you how to have the mindset, confidence, and skills needed to let go—and to grow.

Team Success Podcast Series

A listener’s guide to teamwork wisdom.


4 free team exercises designed to increase collaboration and engagement – download now!

Your Team Success is a part of Strategic Coach® — the leading workshop program for entrepreneurs looking to multiply their success. The Strategic Coach® Program offers proven tools and concepts to help entrepreneurs expand their freedom of time, money, relationships, and purpose with the aim of continually building a bigger and better future.