Managing Up, Part II

Join team success expert Shannon Waller as she dives into the art of supporting your entrepreneur. Are you seeing through their lens, anticipating their needs, and proactively contributing to the owner’s vision? Learn the power of a simple four-word question that will have your entrepreneur celebrating you. And, find out entrepreneur and coach Dan Sullivan’s ultimate compliment to a team member.

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Show Notes:

“Managing up” means:

  • You’re looking out for your entrepreneur.
  • Taking a leadership perspective, which is the wider view, not only focused on the tasks in front of them.
  • Knowing your entrepreneur’s long-term vision for themselves, for your team, and for the company.
  • Getting feedback and having strategic conversations.
  • Having a helper mindset: “How can I help?”
  • Communicating your needs—technology, training, resources—to be much faster, make things easier, and achieve a bigger result.
  • Your entrepreneur can say, “I never think about you”—because you take ownership, and they never have to worry about you.
  • Assuming positive intent and digging deeper to understand the logic of strategies you disagree with. Use The Strategy Circle® thinking tool to help see the goal and obstacles and suggest alternative strategies.
  • Speaking up when you see potential train wrecks; yes, it is your place to say something when you see something others don’t.


Your Life As A Strategy Circle by Dan Sullivan