The Power Of Saying “Yes” To New Ideas

How would you like to learn a strategy for improving creativity, connection, and collaboration within your team that’s as simple as saying the word “yes”? In this episode, Shannon Waller explains how graciously saying yes to your team members’ ideas is an easy yet powerful way to foster deeper conversations and collective problem solving, and dives into the importance of cultivating a positive environment for idea sharing. With actionable techniques for leaders, entrepreneurs, and team members to harness the power of teamwork and practical ways to validate and engage with new ideas, this is one episode you won’t want to miss!

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Show Notes:

  • Finding aspects of an idea to say yes to can significantly increase collaboration and creativity within your team.
  • Team productivity depends heavily on whether entrepreneurs can create a positive space for sharing ideas.
  • To foster this kind of idea-sharing culture, it’s important to acknowledge and respect the mindset of individuals who are brave enough to come to you or their team leaders—people who stand higher above them in the company’s hierarchy whether it’s explicit or not—with their ideas.
  • There are practical techniques you can use for engaging with and validating new ideas, all of which promote constructive dialogue and problem solving.
  • Team collaboration only gets better when you seek out and engage with new ideas from individuals whose thinking profiles and striving instincts differ from your own.
  • Graciously finding parts of an idea to support, rather than outright rejecting ideas that aren’t perfect in their entirety, can also lead to deeper conversations and more effective teamwork.
  • You can create a more collaborative environment for discussion when you try to find common ground with whatever idea is being pitched to you.


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