Head, Heart, and Gut: The Three Must-Haves to Take Action!

In this thought-provoking episode, entrepreneur and team coach Shannon Waller delves into the crucial factors that drive action and engagement. Drawing from personal experiences and insights, Shannon highlights the importance of not only intellectual stimulation but also emotional connection and personal motivation when it comes to the creative process, and shares how ideas progress from the mind to the heart and gut, unlocking the willingness to take action. If you’ve ever wanted guidance on how to overcome the barriers that hinder progress and productivity, tune in now!

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Show Notes:

  • In order to take action on new ideas or information, make sure they resonate on an emotional level, not just an intellectual one.
  • If an idea doesn’t resonate emotionally, seek out conversations and discussions with other people to gain a deeper understanding and emotional connection.
  • If you’re not engaged on three levels—head, heart, and gut—you won’t take action.
  • Look for personal excitement and a sense of achievement or “win” when engaging with new information.
  • When working with teams, ensure that new ideas engage all three levels. They should make cognitive sense, excite people emotionally, and provide opportunities for personal contribution through action.
  • Proper strategic planning when making major decisions, where you consider all aspects of the project before taking action, is also essential. Haphazard approaches don’t work.
  • To avoid lack of engagement and poor or incomplete results, fully engage and commit to projects you’re interested in.
  • Recognize how your environment influences your behaviour too.
  • Motivation is the starting point in the creative process. Once you understand this, everything gets easier.


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